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Development of a Copper Bifurcate\Coined Distributor for the HVAC Industry

Copper Bifurcate Coined Distributor
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With over 35 years of experience in custom tube fabrication, our team at A/C Fabricating Corp. understands the importance of expertise in specialty part production. From management to engineering, we can expand our partner’s capabilities and help them exceed production capacity. Our vast skillset in tube fabrication allows us to create processes that match any design or manufacturing challenge.

An HVAC customer in the Western United States asked us to redesign a cast bronze bifurcate part using copper. Additionally, the part had to hold a maximum pressure of 1900 psi and maintain strict adherence to their dimensional requirements. The bifurcate part had a diameter range between 2.375” to 3.91”, an exact length of 3.25” and a wall thickness of 0.156”. It was also required that the overall part tolerances be +0.0035”. Each bifurcate part originally weighed 4.5 lbs. Our team was able to produce it to exact customer requirements using 2” copper pipe. Each part was manufactured using end forming presses, cold saws, and drill presses. We also conducted hydrostatic burst testing along with a series of dimensional testing, ensuring that the final part maintained the customer’s 1900 max psi requirements.

A total of 125,000 units have been produce to date and the project startup time require less than 12 weeks between initial product redesign and machining. Not only was the part re-engineered based off the original bifurcate design, our team was able to dramatically reduce costs while improving quality. With a reduction in cost by nearly 50%, the customer would receive a significant $300,000 savings over the life of the product.

With combined industry knowledge in both engineering and design management, we were able to dramatically reduce our customer’s costs while exceeding the dimensional and performance specifications of the part.

Copper Bifurcate\Coined Distributor Specifications

Project Name & Description
Bifurcate\Coined Distributor
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Engineering – Product Redesign
End Forming
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
End Forming Press, Cold Saw, Drill Press
Overall Part Dimensions
Diameter: Ø 2-⅜ – 3.91 in
Length: 3.25 in
Wall Thickness: 0.156 in
Estimated Part Weight: 4.5 lbs
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.0035 in
Material Used
Industry for Use
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Hydrostatic Burst Testing, Check Gage Inspection
Dimensional Inspections w/ Calipers
Volume: Life of the Part
Part/Turnaround Time
12 weeks
Delivery Location
Western US
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Why did you choose this project?
We were asked to re-engineer a cast bronze part using copper tube with a requirement that it had to hold 1900 psi. We form the part out of 2” copper pipe and were able to hold the pressure required. Our design cut the cost by 50% and save the customer +$300K over the life of product.

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